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2016年7月15日 Performance People Party Vol.69 SET LIST
【20:05~20:45】DJ:マコ1. Friday I’m In Love / The Cure2. Like A Daydream / Ride3. Til The Day I Die / Garbage4. How I Could Just Kill A Man / Rage Against The Machine5. The People / The Music6. SENSELESS CHATTER & SENSELESS FISTS / THE NEWEST MODEL7. くそったれの世界 / The Birthday8. 街の底 / eastern youth9. 恋する季節 / サンボマスター10. Last Love Letter / チャットモンチー11. BE MY BABY / COMPLEX
【20:45~21:35】DJ:ナカヨシユータ(Royal Crown Night)1. グレープフルーツちょうだい / ゆらゆら帝国2. Requiem / Killing Joke3. Honnoji / ZAZEN BOYS4. Absolute Ego Dance / Yellow Magic Orchestra5. Accelerator / Primal Scream6. LOVE LOVE SHOW / THE YELLOW MONKEY7. Calm Like A Bomb / Rage Against The Machine8. 夜行性の生き物3匹 / ゆらゆら帝国9. 空空神々 / TURTLE ISLAND10. 歯車にまどわされて / OLEDICKFOGGY11. 泪橋 / T字路s12. ぼくはヤンキー / BLANKY JET CITY13. VIBE ON! / THEE MICHELLE GUN ELEPHANT14. 踊るダメ人間 / 筋肉少女帯
【21:35~22:15】DJ:TOMO-ROCKIN’1. Dark Necessities / Red Hot Chili Peppers2. Loser / Beck3. Sleep Now In The Fire / Rage Against The Machine4. Ace Of Spades / Moterhead5. I'm The Man / Anthrax6. Fight Like A Brave / Red Hot Chili Peppers7. 若気の至り / GARLIC BOYS8. Stop The Time / Hi-STANDARD9. Village Vangurd 讃歌 / 犬式 a.k.a Dogggystyle10. Burning Fence / Asian Dub Foundation11. Fly / Sugar Ray
【22:15~23:00】DJ:24mpp1. New Creation / Dry & Heavy2. Flyover / Asian Dub Foundation3. Killing In The Name / Rage Against The Machine4. Best Of You / Foo Fighters5. NEVER SEEM TO LAST / BACK DROP BOMB6. gone feat.曽我部恵一 / あらかじめ決められた恋人たちへ7. JAPONEIRA feat.mabanua(Ovall) / DJ BAKU8. 表nothin' 裏girl / SOIL & ”PIMP”SESSIONS9. DIVE FOR YOU / BOOM BOOM SATELLITES10. Omen / The Prodigy11. Never Say Never feat.ETML / Basement Jaxx12. Universally Speaking / Red Hot Chili Peppers
【23:00~23:45】DJ:サイガ1. Unlearn This Hatred / New Order2. ハロー! ミスターモンキーマジックオーケストラ / 電気グルーヴ3. 電気ビリビリ / 電気グルーヴ4. Always Loved A Film / Underworld5. ばらの花 [Rei Harakami Remix] / くるり6. Week End / 星野源7. 揺れるドレス / LUCKY TAPES8. めくれたオレンジ / TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA9. Jump Up / Double Famous10. 野ばら / 奥田民生11. 島人ぬ宝 / BEGIN
【23:45~24:30】DJ:タニモトコウジ1. STROBOLIGHTS / SUPERCAR2. Happiness / Pet Shop Boys3. (Feeling Like A) Demon Again / Primal Scream4. Mixed Bizness / Beck5. アジテーター / クラムボン6. Fake / 8otto7. Magnificent Time / Travis8. 愛のテーマ / 毛皮のマリーズ9. That Black Bat Licorice / Jack White10. 甘い運命 / UA11. SPE TRAIN / SPECIAL OTHERS12. The Forecast / Jason Mraz

2016年3月25日 Performance People Party Vol.68 SET LIST
【20:05~20:45】DJ:TOMO-ROCKIN’1. Uprising / Muse2. Supermassive Black Hole / Muse3. A View To A Kill / Duran duran4. Be Yourself / Audioslave5. Snow / Red Hot Chili Peppers6. Hash Pipe / Weezer7. She's On It / Beastie Boys8. Take On Me / Reel Big Fish9. SHE GOES TO FINOS / RON RON CLOU10. THE SEVEN SEAS / THE BAWDIES
【20:45~21:30】DJ:レオス(BRITPOP NIGHT)1. Holiday / Madonna2. Quiet Dance feat.宇多丸 / 藤井隆3. Bizarre Love Triangle [Extended Dance Mix] / New Order4. Girls & Boys / Blur5. Clearest Blue / Chvrches6. Don't Deny Your Heart / Hot Chip7. Girls Just Want To Have Fun / Cyndi Lauper8. Two Doors Down / Mystery Jets9. Rebel Rebel / David Bowie10. BE MY BABY / COMPLEX11. Blue Monday / New Order12. make over feat.乙葉 / 藤井隆13. N.O. / 電気グルーヴ
【21:30~22:15】DJ:SUZUE(JUKE JOINT)1. Teenage Dirtbag / Wheatus2. Amylase / Cajun Dance Party3. I Predict A Riot / Kaiser Chiefs4. Very Ape / Nirvana5. Eez-Eh / Kasabian6. 11th Street Kids / Hanoi Rocks7. Skin To Born / The Jungle Giants8. Monkey Wrench / Foo Fighters9. Police On My Back / The Clash10. Pretty Vacant / Sex Pistols11. Fight Song / Marilyn Manson12. Voodoo People / The Prodigy13. Gay Bar / Electric Six14. NO POLICY / SPACE INVADERS
【22:15~22:20】DJ:スーダン1. Happy Birthday / Stevie Wonder
【22:20~23:00】DJ:マコ1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY / THE BLUE HEARTS2. Birthday / KEMURI3. すてきな夜空 / JUN SKY WALKER(S)4. Alright / Supergrass5. Friday I’m In Love / The Cure6. 君は1000% / カルロストシキ&オメガトライブ7. 神様ヘルプ! / チェッカーズ8. JUST ONE MORE KISS / BUCK-TICK9. UNDER THE GUN / THE MODS10. チェルノブイリ / Large House Satisfaction11. 街の底 / eastern youth
【23:00~23:45】DJ:タニモトコウジ1. Army Of Me / Bjork2. Teenage Tiger Cat / CSS3. Short Circuit / Daft Punk4. Waters Of Nazareth / Justice5. Yellow Rambler / 80kidz6. Jungle feat.Hacktivist / The Qemists7. North South East West feat.Matrix & Futurebound / Dj Kentaro8. Bangarang feat.Sirah / Skrillex9. Confess To Me feat.Jessie Ware / Disclosure10. Little Bad Girl feat.Taio Cruz & Ludacris / David Guetta11. more more more / capsule12. Survivor feat.Rafa & Jenny / Rasmus Faber13. デザインかぞえうた / CORNELIUS14. JUXTAPOSE / TEI TOWA
【23:45~24:35】DJ:サイガ1. Treasure / Bruno Mars2. SUN / 星野源3. Do I Do / Stevie Wonder4. Virtual Insanity / Jamiroquai5. あの空の向こうがわへ / ジャンクフジヤマ6. Touch! / LUCKY TAPES7. Hot Fun In The Summertime / Sly & The Family Stone8. 最終列車は25時 / Lamp9. relive / toconoma10. We Got Love / Ryan Shaw11. Adria Blue / bohemianvoodoo12. Oye Como Va (Live at el Jefe) / Perico Hernandez

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